Compliance and Forensic Services ...


We are an independent consultancy, specialising in prevention, identification, verification and fighting of white-collar-crime. These services are internationally referred to as “Compliance and Forensic Services".

RETEGO optimises the security of your company by various preventative measures such as the implementation of compliance structures and individual security concepts. In case of actual suspicion of damage to your company, RETEGO supports you discreetly and effectively in the necessary verification.

RETEGO’s goal is to provide explicit information so you can comprehensively evaluate situations and make the right decisions even under difficult conditions.

Criminalists, criminologists, economists, lawyers and sociologists, with international experience, also in the public sector, and an extended worldwide network, are at your service. RETEGO’s specialists operate with the same state-of-the-art knowledge, methods and specific software as used by specialised law enforcement agencies.

Based on this competence, we successfully counter white-collar-crime and close security-gaps which pose serious risks for your company.