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RETEGO optimises the security of your company through various preventative measures and individual security concepts, all in close cooperation with you. In case of actual suspicion of damage to your company, RETEGO supports you discreetly and effectively in the necessary verification.

The four pillars of our portfolio: Compliance, Forensic Services, Training and Protection are tailored to your requirements. The measures offered support you in the fight against white-collar-crime and industrial espionage on national and international level.

Compliance means the correct behaviour of a company and all its employees in legal and also ethical respects. Meanwhile compliance is more than just a buzzword; it is the serious responsibility of managers and executives, including liability risks, even affecting their personal assets. Well trained employees within the company and supervising external consultants are standard in many companies, but this is not enough. RETEGO has got the instruments to identify and minimise internal and external compliance-risks.

Compliance structure: Based on a comprehensive variance-analysis we identify and define the current need for action, and support you in optimising your compliance structures. We draft compliance manuals as well as accompanying measures such as employee-training and implementation and evaluation support.

Business Partner Screening: We discreetly check potential and current business partners, especially in international business, regarding integrity, credibility, business practices, reliability, reputation, quality of network and fulfilment of contracts.

Pre-Employment-Screening: You should pay attention to the integrity of your employees as early on as during the selection process. RETEGO offers a discreet check of candidates, especially of those for managerial positions and for posts with extraordinary responsibility, regarding security relevant criteria. In this way we support you to make the right decisions for employments and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Risk-Assessment: Our analysis helps you to evaluate risks more comprehensively, to make connections more transparent and to eliminate uncertainties or security-gaps. The risk-assessment reinforces your confidence in handling unexpected issues.

Fighting Corruption: Whistle blowing systems are an essential instrument for the identification and prevention of corruption. We implement this central compliance-management component and offer employees and externals an excellent platform to voice suspicion and to have critical issues verified appropriately.

Business Mediation: Conflicts occur in professional teamwork between colleagues, on managerial level, between executives and employees, or between departments, clients and customers. The communication process between the parties engaged in the economic process in these situations is characterised by either no longer being constructive, and/or being emotionally charged, or it has even completely broken down. RETEGO provides space for communication, reaches consent and offers innovative alternative solutions.


Investigations und Forensic Accounting: In cases of white-collar-crime the management has to do everything possible to completely clarify the issue, without involving authorities, which usually causes unnecessary public attention. The experts of RETEGO verify issues professionally and efficiently. They use up to date criminalistic and forensic methods in accordance with the standards of international police authorities. Forensic interview-techniques are applied, as well as classic methods of gathering and securing evidence and using special analysis-software.

Business Intelligence: Increasingly globalised markets necessarily demand knowledge about competitors, the market situation, security-relevant factors in situ or about possible risks caused by locally or regionally active criminal individuals or groups. Frequently, this is crucial for the economic survival of companies and for the personal security of the company’s local representatives. RETEGO offers not only a comprehensive criminalistic analysis of the situation but also decision guidance and practical training.

Asset-Tracing: Once a case of white-collar-crime is revealed, the tracing of payment flow and the securing and repatriation of illegally gained assets appear to be complex and time-consuming. International finance-networks, border crossing asset-linkage as well as different legal conditions in the countries involved demand worldwide forensic know-how to locate assets. RETEGO analyses relevant payment flow in order to discover illegally gained assets. Close cooperation with internationally specialised law-firms makes RETEGO one of the top addresses in asset-tracing.

IT-Forensics: RETEGO offers professional support in forensic securing, recovering and analysing of data. Our certified experts provide various IT-services of the highest standard, meeting the requirements of public prosecutors and courts. Discovering digital evidence is often highly complicated and very complex. RETEGO offers “Forensic Readiness”, a well established and proven tool to prepare your IT perfectly for the search for digital evidence.

Litigation Support: Investigations, asset tracing or IT-forensics-expertise. In case you want to pursue your claims at court, the immaculate forensic gathering and securing of evidence is the key. RETEGO supports you in enforcing your claims at court. Starting with the gathering and processing of all data, information and evidence, we pay careful attention to traceability and suitability for presentation in court at any stage of our services. We prepare your case so that your incurred damage could be specified and proven. This avoids unnecessary risks at court.


RETEGO offers a comprehensive curriculum in the areas of personal security, corporate security and protection against white-collar-crime. The training will be modified and specified according to your individual requirements and needs.

Awareness Training: The most efficient protection against white-collar-crime is based on the sensitisation and awareness of all employees of your company. RETEGO offers training which points out the threat of white-collar-crime and corruption. This is the precondition to timely identify indicators of criminal activity and act appropriately.

Interview Training: The most efficient protection against white-collar-crime is based on the sensitisation and awareness of all employees of your company. RETEGO offers training which points out the threat of white-collar-crime and corruption. This is the precondition to timely identify indicators of criminal activity and act appropriately.

FCPA-Seminar: Seminars regarding the importance and consequences of the US-American Foreign Corrupt Practises Act (FCPA) for German companies explain the often underestimated operating distance of this law. The seminar also includes the essence of the law, impending sanctions and typical warning signals (red flags).

Protection of Illegal Information Transfer: Content of these seminars is the transfer of knowledge about the methods and technology used, the explanation of possible counter-measures and a company-specific training for the employees. We also offer training for managers regarding the implementation of protective structures.

Anti-Fraud-Workshops: The transfer of knowledge about analysis-tools for identification of white-collar-crime, helps prevention, enhances knowledge about white-collar-crime and corruption, and correspondingly the mens rea. The measures of integrity-coaching presented support the implementation of compliance-structures and of an anti-fraud-management.

Behaviour Improvement Training – B.I.T.: Assertiveness and violence-prevention training for adults and children. This training is not only for persons under threat but also for the members of their family and employees in positions of trust (e.g. driver, domestic workers).


Corporate Security: Risks such as espionage, sabotage, burglary and theft as well as unlawful entry/presence could develop into a serious threat for a company at any time. We analyse the current security situation of your company and support you by providing personal, organisational and technical measures to avoid critical incidents or to professionally handle the worst case scenario.

Personal Security: Being a manager and/or a leading figure in the economy could make you a potential target for criminal activities. A high salary, assumed wealth or your presence in media, and the personal or political motivation of potential perpetrators can pose a serious threat. You can avoid this or effectively strike back if necessary. RETEGO offers security concepts for the company’s management and its executives as well as for their families. The preventative measures implemented by RETEGO provide the necessary individual personal security standard.

Regional Security: Terrorism and extremism, political instability, the general crime-situation and specific risks such as the corruption level, are essential factors for decisions regarding expansion into new markets and business activities. We analyse the threat potential for your company and its employees, develop and implement individual security concepts. Not only do you fulfil your fiduciary duties as employer but you also provide a safe environment for your company.

IT-Readiness: There are always traces left in the company’s IT when confidential documents are passed on. The search for them is often in vain because log-files do not exist, gateways are not monitored and print-records are deleted. We optimise your IT so that in case of damage a complete documentation of data-flow and traces is possible.

Product Piracy: This phenomenon has reached a dimension which is reflected in significant losses in turnover. According to expert’s estimations the damage caused by that kind of white-collar-crime is around 660 billion Euros. Product piracy not only harms companies, it could also destroy jobs and even endanger the health and lives of people. RETEGO supports you in locating counterfeit products and in researching distribution channels, places of manufacturing and perpetrators. We also accompany you in taking legal action against the people responsible.

Security Technology: Our specialists analyse the security situation of your company and its representatives. We offer individual technical support for protection of persons, company assets and objects. The portfolio ranges from GPS-based locating systems for persons and vehicles, the classic intrusion detecting systems and video-surveillance, access-control-systems, to the installation of anti-espionage-technology.