RETEGO Munich: Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

We put Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) into practice!


You are looking for concepts and strategies to secure your company’s sustainability?

RETEGO applies Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC). We support you in conceptual and practical implementation of all preventative and intervening measures, regardless of branch or industry. Our highly qualified specialists develop tailor-made security concepts and conduct research in cases of current suspicion. Identify and manage, with our help, the three biggest risks your company and yourself are exposed to:

1. Industrial Espionage
The estimated annual damage caused by industrial espionage, in Germany alone, is between 20 and 50 million Euros. Companies have to be aware of the threat from espionage and should take appropriate protective measures. Illegal knowledge-transfer and uncontrolled know-how-leakage through frustrated or laid-off employees could cause the economic ruin of your company.

2. Corruption, Fraud and Embezzlement Confidential information is constantly leaking. Even weak signals indicating irregularities should be identified. The products are good and the price is fine – but month after month one contract after another goes to a competitor. Evidence for corruption, fraud, grey-market-deals or theft has to be found. Danger lurks everywhere – whether in persona of “cleaning personnel”, thieves, laid-off or frustrated employees, while travelling abroad and on business-trips, or especially in the internet.

3. Liability Whoever fails to manage and/or control a company complying with law and regulations can be faced very quickly with claims for compensation reaching several million. The financial consequences of such conduct often do not only hit the company but also increasingly the private assets of the managers and representatives responsible.